GIA Certified Diamonds Melbourne

Diamond rings are the epitome of elegance and class. DG & Co. presents an exclusive range of GIA certified diamond rings online in Melbourne. Our diamond rings are a perfect way to celebrate your everlasting love and commitment.

Whether you are looking for an elegant solitaire diamond ring, a timeless three-stone ring, or an exquisite ring with halo design and diamond highlights, we have got you covered. We also offer custom diamond rings to suit your specific taste and style.

When you purchase a GIA certified diamond ring from DG & Co., you can be sure that the diamond has undergone an unbiased and rigorous inspection process to assess its value and quality.

Why Buy GIA Certified Diamond Rings?

Each piece of diamond over 0.40cts sold by DG & Co. is analysed and graded by the GIA.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is the world’s finest authority on diamonds. It is a non-profit educational and research institution whose primary objective is to uphold the highest level of integrity in the diamond industry.

GIA is the world’s most consistent, stringent and well-respected laboratory. They are known around the world and in Australia for their unbiased and consistent diamond grading systems.

Each GIA certified diamond ring from DG & Co. comes with the assurance that it is cut to the highest standard and exceeds the most stringent parameters for the ideal cut.

This means that every piece of diamond we choose for our range of engagement and wedding rings exceeds the GIA standards for cut grading and receives the ‘excellent’ cut rating.

This provides you the assurance and confidence that you are buying a high-quality diamond ring for the biggest moment of your life.

However, buying a GIA diamond doesn’t mean you are paying more. That’s nothing more than a false notion. When you are buying a GIA diamond ring, you are confidently buying the finest quality of diamond. If you cannot be sure of the quality of the diamond you are buying, how would you know if you are paying the right price?

Why Choose DG & Co.?

At DG & Co. we specialise in genuine, high-quality and handcrafted diamond rings and jewellery. We strive to provide a pleasant experience to our customers from start to finish. This website aims to make it absolutely easy to buy quality diamond rings online easy and hassle-free no matter where you are in Australia.

Simply explore our collection, choose your pick and place your order within minutes. And we will deliver your precious jewellery for free in no time.

Should you need any assistance or have questions, feel free to call 1300 647 778.