Diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love and is treasured for its beauty and value. As diamond rings are valuable in terms of investment and sentiment, taking proper care of the jewellery is more important.

Here are some tips to take care of diamond engagement rings:


Proper handling:


You must pick up the diamond ring by its band and not by the stone. This prevents oils and dirt from your hand building up around the setting and keeps the diamond secure over time.




While platinum and white gold custom engagement rings will not get tarnished, they may get scratched in due course. With a quick polish, you can restore the ring to its original condition in terms of value, beauty and durability. Polishing of gold and platinum rings is really a cost effective way of removing scratches and giving them an original appearance.


Individual Storage:


Diamond jewelleries are extremely hard and they can easily scratch other jewellery pieces. So, storing Women's Engagement Ring separately in a soft jewellery box or pouch can protect the ring and other items as well from losing their sheen.




Over the course of the time, substances such as shampoo, make-up, sunscreen, dust, flour and chemicals get accumulated in and around diamond setting. If you are likely to work with such greasy substances, taking off your ring is actually a good thought as it ensures that your diamond engagement ring looks clean and sparkling for a long span of time.


Soaking in ammonia:


To give your diamond rings a quick spruce, you can soak them in a bowl containing one part of ammonia and four parts of warm water for ten minutes. With soft brush, you can brush the ring gently, rinse it and drain on tissue paper to give it a luminous look. Instead of ammonia, you can also use mild detergent liquid for cleaning your diamond ring.


Soaking in Vodka:


You can also restore the gleaming appearance of your diamond engagement ring by soaking in it a small quantity of Vodka. It dissolves the stubborn residue and gives back its sparkling look and brilliant sheen.


Professional check-up:


It has always been the right choice to give your diamond engagement ring an expert check-up. The diamond jewellery specialist will look for defect, clean and return it to you in the best possible condition.


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